Mr. Man Video Debut

MrManImageA multi-coloured odyssey deep into the heart of triptastic London, following the meteoric rise of 4 lads through ever-groovier levels of success into the grimacing gape of Mr. Man himself!  It’s cool Britannia meets PowerPuffGirls meets show biz intrigue, all to the irresistible dance-floor shimmy of the Cocksure Lads latest get-up-and-shout recording!

The Trailer

With your help, production will begin in April 2014. Pledge today to bring this film to life.

Mar 30

The Cocksure Lads Present Six Steps to Party Success

Old Man Winter is finally breathing his last frigid breath.

Free from the risk of immediate frostbite, folks everywhere are starting to venture out of their homes and plan gatherings.

Game night. Garden parties. Barbecues!

Because we care about you and your social standing, we want to let you in on a secret.

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